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Q: Is this being of any use in the forthcoming centuries?
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How do you use forthcoming in a sentence?

The forthcoming meeting will discuss budget allocations for the next fiscal year.

How do you use the word front runner in a sentence?

According to the media, she is the front runner in the forthcoming election.

Is the word 'upcoming' correct?

It is a recent addition to the English language. If you are dealing with traditionalists it might be wiser to use forthcoming.

Who is the use of iron tools and implements in the sixth fifth centuries B C led to?

The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!The use of iron tools and implements did not lead to any person!

How do you use centuries in a sentence?

A good sentence would be "my mom lived in a million centuries before she even came to earth." if you use this sentence good choice because i got an A on my history test! :)

Do hatters use Mercury?

Not any more. Hatters used to use mercury to cure the felt they used for hats during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but the parctice ended around the start of the twentieth century.

What does being a chef require you to do?

it require you being able to cook, you can use a knife... not allergic to any food.

What is the antonym of pendent?

It depends on the use of "pendent"you are refering to. In biology, "pendent"means loose or hanging in refering to a structure or organ so the antonym may be "rigid" or "erect". In law, "pendent" means "forthcoming" so the antonym may be "complete" or "past". Structurally, the "dependent" may be any object that requires a group of other structures for support, each other object being a "pendant" and taken together they form an "independant".

What are the drug interactions associated with boswellia use?

Boswellia has been used without incident for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. There are few if any studies of interactions with Western medicines.

Of what use to businesses are electronic calendars?

The computer stores the files of employees' schedules, forthcoming meetings, calendars of events, and conferences, thereby enabling employees to check their central file.

How do you use the words be and being in sentences?

it is beign used. For being a human, he did it. Being in a bad mood, he let it be known that he did not want to take any phone calls or receive any customer visitors.

Do people in Spain use irrigation?

Spain has used irrigation for centuries.