Is x2 y2121 a function

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: Is x2 y2121 a function
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What is the length of the circles radius for the equation x2 plus y2121?

If you mean: x^2 + y^2 = 121 then the radius is the square root of 121 which is 11

Define one-to-one function?

the function (x),sory I can`t use the sign of the function because it is not available. the function of (x)=4x+4 is one to one function assume function(x1)= function(x2) then 4(x1)+4 =4(x2)+4 4(x1)=4(x2) (x1)=(x2) hence,the function is one to one

Is x2 plus 5x a function?

No. x2+5x is a polynomial, an algebraic expression or a formula, but it is not a function. It could be used to help define a function. {(x,y) | y = x2 + 5x , x any real number} is a function

Which is an example of a function?

Y = X2 Is a parabolic function.

X2 9 is a?

X2 9 can be described mathematically to be a quadratic function.

What is the equation of the parent quadratic function?


Is y equals x2 plus 1 a function?

Yes. Think of y as being a function of x. y = f(x) = x2 + 1

Is y greater than x 2 a function?

no, but y = x2 is a function

Is y2 equals x2 a function?

No, because there is more than one solution: y2 = x2 y = ±(x2)1/2 y = ±x Because there are multiple solutions for a single value of x, this does not qualify as a function.

How do you evaluate functions?

To evaluate a function means to replace the variable with some value, and calculate the value of the function. For example, in the parabola y = x2 (or, using functional notation, f(x) = x2), if you replace x with 10, and calculate x2, you are evaluating the function for that specific value.

Does every function have an inverse that is a function?

No. A simple example of this is y = x2; the inverse is x = y2, which is not a function.

How do you find the slope of a function?

Need two points. m = slope. (X1, Y1) and (X2, Y2) m = Y2 - Y1/X2 - X1 ==============Or, if function is in this form...... Y =mX + b ======== Read off of function, or get function is this form.