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here is a photo that has been modified by the complex formula w=1/z, where

z=x+iy. the photo is inverted as per the LINK below.

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Q: Mapping of complex numbers in complex plane?
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Find the complex number that is farthest away from the complex plane?

All complex numbers are part of the "complex plane", so none of them is farther than others.

How are real numbers imaginary numbers and complex numbers related?

It helps to visualize the numbers on a plane. The complex numbers occupy the entire plane. The real numbers are all the numbers on the horizontal axis, the imaginary numbers are all the numbers on the vertical axis. A complex number thus has a real and an imaginary part, a + bi, where a and be are real numbers (for example, 3 - 2i).

Is an imaginary number always sometimes or never a complex number?

Always. The set of imaginary numbers is a subset of complex numbers. Think of complex numbers as a plane (2 dimensional). The real numbers exist on the horizontal axis. The pure imaginary are the vertical axis. All other points on the plane are combinations of real and imaginary. All points on the plane (including imaginary axis and real axis) are complex numbers.

What is the range of the square root function?

The answer depends on the domain. If the domain is non-negative real numbers, then the range is the whole of the real numbers. If the domain is the whole of the real numbers (or the complex plane) , the range is the complex plane.

How do you find the range of a radical function?

The answer depends on what group or field the function is defined on. In the complex plane, the range is the complex plane. If the domain is all real numbers and the radical is an odd root (cube root, fifth root etc), the range is the real numbers. Otherwise, it is the complex plane. If the domain is non-negative real numbers, the range is also the real numbers.

What do he horizontal numbers represent?

In the Argand diagram (complex plane), numbers on the horizontal axis represent real numbers.

What is the domain and range of x3?

It could be the Real numbers or it could be the Complex plane.

On the complex plane the x-axis is called?

The horizontal axis is the real numbers.

Is pi a complex number?

The set of real numbers are a subset of the set of complex numbers: imagine the complex plane with real numbers existing on the horizontal number line, and pure imaginary existing on the vertical axis. The entire plane (which includes both axes) is the set of complex numbers. So any real number (such as pi) will also be a complex number. But many people think of complex numbers as something that is "not a real number".

What is a system that relates the correspondence between the points on a plane to a pair of real numbers?

It could be the system of straight line equations that are plotted on the Cartesian plane.

What is real and complex plane?

whet is real and complex plane

What is the domain of x cubed plus 25?

The whole of the Real numbers, or even the whole of the complex plane.

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