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Let's look at Mary's earnings here.

She makes $6 an hour.

She gets time and a half ($6 x 1.5 = $9 per hour) for overtime

She gets double time ($6 x 2 = $12 per hour) for holidays.

Last week, she pulled her 40 hours, then did 6 1/2 hours of overtime, and then 8 hours of holiday time. There is an equation for each "type" of work (regular, overtime and holiday time). And each one will have the hours of the type of work and the rate of pay for that. Here are the equations:

Regular time: 40 hours x $6 = $240.00

Overtime: 6 1/2 hours x $9 = $58.50

Holiday time: 8 hours x $12 = $96.00

Once you have the earnings for each type of work, you add them to get the income for that period. $240.00 + $58.50 + $96.00 = $394.50 for her week's work.

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Q: Mary earns 6 dollars an hour and time-and-a half for overtime and double time on holidays. Last week she worked 40 hours regular and 6.5 hours overtime and 8 hours holiday. How much did she earn?
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