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2 points. However, the farther apart the 2 points the striaghter the line will be, unless you move the straight edge!!.

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2010-01-24 22:48:13
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Q: Math what information is needed to draw a straight line?
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How many points are needed to draw a straight line?

2 points

What is the definition of ruler in math?

a tool used to draw straight lines or measure straight lines miss pawz: a measuring instrument :)

Why is math needed to be an architect?

Math is neede to be an architect because you draw the layout of houses and everything so you need to make the sq feet into inches to draw the house the exact way.

How many ordered pairs are needed to draw a straight line?

In order to draw a straight line, two unique ordered pairs are needed. This is because two unique points determine a line and an ordered pair represents a point.

What do you draw straight lines with?

you draw straight lines with a ruler

How do you draw an ABAC pattern in math?

first you get a pen then a piece of paper and you draw the ABAC pattern in math.

How do you do triangle math on brain age when there are four numbers across the top?

To do triangle math on "Brain Age" when there are four numbers on top of the screen, a person has to draw a triangle, then draw a vertical line straight down the middle. Each triangle then shares the line in the middle.

If you needed to draw an angle what would you do?

You would need basically a protractor and a straight edge.

Do you use scale to draw a straight line?

I looked up and I think you use them to draw graphs but can use them to draw straight lines.

How do you draw a straight line form any point to another?

You can draw straight lines with the help of a ruler or anything with a straight edge.

What math and math classes are required to be drawing artist?

to draw a graph

What information is needed to draw the Lewis dot structure of an atom?

The chemical symbol and the number of valence electrons.

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