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The two numbers are 18 and 27. 18 + 27 = 45, 27 - 18 = 9.

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Q: Matt is thinking of two numbersone number is 9 more than the other number the sum of the numbers is 45 what are the mumbers?
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Are there prime numbers that are also square mumbers?

No. That isn't possible: A prime number, by definition, has no smaller factors. A square number does have a smaller factor - the number that is squared.

Babs is thinking of two numbers one number is 7 more than the other number the product of the numbers os 60 what are the numbers?

The numbers are 5 and 12

What are whole mumbers?

a number that is pretty clean (not having any decimals) ex: 8 65 32 3435

I am thinking of two numbers, 12 and another number. The greatest or highest common factor for 12 and the number I am thinking of is six, the least common multiple of them is 36. What is the other number I am thinking of?


You are thinking of a number you know that to be sure you find all of the factor pairs of this number you have to check all the numbers 1 through 15?

You are thinking of 225.

Dennis is thinking of 2 numbers the only common factor of the numbers are 1 and 3their first common multiple is 18one of the number is 9 what is the other number?


If you are thinking of two numbers Their GCF is 6 Their least common multiple is 36 One of the numbers is 12 What is the other number?


Why is 9 a whole number?

Yes. Whole Numbers are the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, . . . . I remember whole numbers by thinking of the O in "whole" -- whOle.

What are adds number?

If you are thinking about numbers that look like this +5 then you are thinking of positive numbers. A positive number is any number above 0. Writing +5 is exactly like writing 5 as they are the same number. The opposite to a positive number is a negative number. A negative number is any number below 0. Negative five is written like this -5. I hope that helps

I am thinking of a number. It is less than 20. It is an odd number. It has two different prime factors. What number am I thinking of?

The answer is 105 because 3,5, and 7 are all prime factors and when you multiply the numbers together it comes out to be 10

What are the prime numbers between 40 and 50 josh in thinking of a prime number between 10 and 20 the difference between the two numbers is 26 what are the two numbers?

43 and 17.

You are thinking of 3 counting numbers The smallest number is 2 less than half the largest the average of the 3 numbers is 13 and one of the numbers is a 2 digit prime What are the numbers?

8, 11, and 20.