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70 dB is 10 times louder than 60 dB.

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Q: Normal speech measures 60 dB A busy street measures 70 dB How many times louder is the busy street than normal speech?
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If hearing tests for tones are normal why would hearing of spoken words be decreased?

The hearing tests are probably louder because they make it louder. People probably just speak softer.That is a different question - objectively the threshod for perception of tone is lower than that of ordinary speech - why?

The loss of the ability of the larynx to produce normal speech sounds is known as?

The loss of the ability of the larynx to produce normal speech sounds is known as aphonia.

What is speech power?

speech power is a human that is in best in speech there are no wrong.and normal speech.not fast.memories the speech

What are the release dates for The Trouble with Normal - 2000 Speech Speech 1-9?

The Trouble with Normal - 2000 Speech Speech 1-9 was released on: USA: 17 November 2000 Germany: 16 February 2009

What part of speech is the word normal?

"Normal" is an adjective; when used in a sentence it modifies some noun.

What are some normal words?

Normal ****************************** Normal words are the words normally used every day, either in speech or written text. (A non-normal word could be a lesser-used word that has to be looked up in a dictionary!)

What part of speech is normal?

Normal can be an adjective or a noun. As an adjective: It's quite normal for puppies to eat a lot. As a verb: My temperature is above normal.

What frequency is normal speech?

The frequency range for normal speech is typically between 125 Hz and 8,000 Hz. Most speech sounds fall within this range, with vowels generally lower in frequency and consonants higher in frequency.

What is the range of frequence for normal speech?

400 Hz to about 5000 Hz

What part of speech is the word louder?

The word louder is an adjective. It describes something which is more loud.

What part of speech is the phrase could build?

Both a verbs (a modal + a normal verb).

What are the characteristics of child directed speech?

There are five characteristics for child directed speech:-1-It is less complex than normal speech.2-It is more exaggerated than normal speech.3-It may be higher pitch.4-There are longer annd more frequent pauses,and the rate of speech is slower5-There is a limited range of words,and special forms of words are used.