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2x3x4x5x6x8. and you get your answer

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Q: On your way to the fair you met 7 jugglers and a bear every juggler had 6 cats every cat had 5 rats every rat had 4 houses every house had 3 mouses every mouse had 2 louses every louse had a spouse?
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There is no such thing as a mouses. It is mice for your information

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I meen compute mouses

What is the plural of computer mouses?

The plural of mouse (small furry creature) is mice, so one might think that the plural of the pointing device would also be mice. However, the two words have undergone a differentiation through usage. According to Garner's Modern American Usage best practice is to pluralize it mouses. That also goes for timid people ("When it comes to warfare, he's a real mouse. In fact, he comes from a long line of mouses"). Similarly, whereas the plural of louse, the small wingless insect, is lice, the plural of louse, the cad, is louses.

What do you use computer mouses for?

Mouses are used for controling what you what to look at or point at. Mouses can be optional or machanical.

Where are mouses from?

i am actually not shore, but i think mouses are kinda scary dont u?

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That depends on your preference.

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its a group of cells in a mouses nose that helps it sense other mouses fear

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a mouses heart beats about 500-600 times a minute

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