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Q: Organized process used to test a hypothesis?
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What is an organized process used to gather observation and test a hypothesis is an?

This is called an experiment.

What is the word for the organized procedure used to test a hypothesis?

An experiment.

What is the significance of a hypothesis?

The significance test is the process used, by researchers, to determine whether the null hypothesis is rejected, in favor of the alternative research hypothesis, or not.

Activity done to test a hypothesis?

A controlled experiment is used to test a hypothesis.

What is a a series of steps used to test a hypothesis?

What is a series of carefully planned steps that test a hypothesis?

What is a expierment?

used to test a hypothesis

Is "test" an abstract noun or a concrete noun?

The noun experiment is an abstract noun, a word for a process used to demonstrate, discover, or test a hypothesis; a word for a concept.

How does a method test a hypothesis?

A hypothesis test is used to make certain decisions based on the data collected.

How is a hypothesis used in science?

A hypothesis is an "educated guess". An example of how it could be used: John needed to test his hypothesis about molecular degenaration.

It Comes after a hypothesis and is used to determine whether the hypothesis is correct?

Test your hypothesis by Doing an Experiment

What is used to test hypothesis?

the scientific method :)

What is a method of answering scientific questions by testing a hypothesis through the use of a series of carefully controlled steps?

What is a series of carefully planned steps that test a hypothesis?