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Let the no. be x.

If it will be tripled then 3*x = 3x

Cube of 3x = 3x3 = 27x3


The cube of the given no. is 27 times the cube of the tripled no.

27x3 = 27x3


3 is the no.

3 is tripled = 9

cube of 9 = 93= 729



27*33 = 729

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Q: Prove that if a number is tripled then its cube is 27 times the cube of the given number?
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What is u tripled as an exponet?

You can not triple something by using an exponent, except for the case of 3*3 and 3^2 which are coincidentally the same thing. When something is tripled, it is multiplied by three. When using an exponent, a number is multiplied by itself the specified number of times.

If length of wire is tripled how many times its resistance will increase?

3 times

What does tripled mean in math?

X 3(times 3)


Runs a certain section of code a given number of times

When a cube is tripled in size the surface area is?

9 times larger

What happens to the acceleration if the force applied is increase three times?

it is tripled

What is a number that must be multiplied times itself to equal a given number?

the square root of the given number

If the value of X and Y in the fraction XZY are both tripled how does the value of the fraction change?

The expression XYZ is not a fraction. If you triple X and triple Y then XYZ becomes 9 times as large. (It is tripled, then tripled again.)

If a Scrabble word spans two triple-word score boxes do you get 9 times the score or 6 times the score?

9 times. The score is TRIPLED (x3) and then re-TRIPLED (x3 again), which is the equivalent of multiplying by 9.

How do you find a perimeter of a rectangle with one number given?

If you are given the area you will have to think what do you times with the number you have to get it.

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If the radius of a sphere is tripled, the surface area increases by (3)2 = 9 times, and the volume increases by (3)3 = 27 times.

What happens to the circumference of a circle if its diameter is tripled in size?

9 times bigger

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