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Q: Solve the square root of 2x-5 equals 13?
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What is the square root of 4 and 25 multiplied?

If you mean, the square root of 4 multiplied by the square root of 5, that is 2x5=10 If you mean, the square root of ( 4x25), that is the square root of 100 which is 10

How do you solve 11-2x5?

First, remember the order of operations. 2x5 comes first. 2x5=10, which makes 11-10 which makes 1.

What is 2x5 in square meters?

10 square feet = 0.929 square meter

What equals 7 using 2 5 3?


What is the square root of 1992?

About 44.6Let's see: 402 = 1600. 502 = 2500. 452 = 2025. 442 = 1947.The square root of 1992 is between 44 and 45. Since 2025-1992 = 33 and 1992-1947 = 45, it is closer to 45. 44.6 would be a good guess.By using the square root key on a calculator, you get the exact value: 44.631827...Another way to check this out is by factoring 1992: 1992 = 2x996 = 2x2x498 = 2x2x2x249 = 23x3x83. 83 is a prime number so 1992 has been completely factored. Since you can't arrange the factors in two equal groups - as in 100 = (2x5)(2x5) - 1992 is not a perfect square.

What is square footage of US?

2x5 and the rest is just fat people

What is 5x equal to?

To find out what 5x equals to, you have to post the rest of the equation.

Factor 2x5-18x3 equals 0?

2x^3(x - 3)(x + 3)

what is 2x5 =what?


Write prime Factorization of these 10 equals 2x5?

2 x 5 is the prime factorization of 10.

How do you solve for y for y 2x5?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc.

Why do you use division to solve a multiplication problem and multiplication to solve a division problem?

lets say that you're doing a division problem that looks just like a multiplication problem. lets say its 10 divided by 5 so 2x5 equals 10 so the missing number in the problem is 2 MORE TO COME