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Q: Suppose that a pendulam has a period of 1.5 long does it take to make a complete back-and-forth vibration?
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Is a seconds pendulam a timing device?


How would the period of a simple pendulam affected if you conduct the simple pendulam experiment on moon?

Gravitatinal accelaration is low in moodn.Approximately 1/6 of Earth's accelaration.So periodic time increases.

How does a vibraphone createe it's vibrating sound?

It is really a funny thing . It looks complicated that how does it work . Actually it is simple . There is a tiny motor inside the phone which has a D shape pendulam in its head . And when the motor runs it creats vibration .

What are the applications of linear expansion?

Invar (a special iron - nickel alloy) is used in pendulam instead of aluminium ,in order to decrease the expansivity.

What is the difference between vibratory motion and oscillatory motion?

vibratory means stationary with no motion, oscillatory means with uniform motion like pendulam.

What occupations use a pendulum?

Some occupations that use a pendulum include dowsers for searching water or minerals underground, alternative healers for energy balancing and diagnosis, and physicists for demonstrating principles of physics such as oscillation and gravity.

What is the time period of simple pendulam which length is equal to radius of earth?

If the pendulum was subject to earth surface gravity figure Radius of earth = 6371000 metres (l) acceleration due to gravity = 9.82 m/s/s (g) > t = 2 * pi * (square root ( l / g)) t = 5061 seconds (out and back to same point)

Who were the members of the band Creedence Clearwater Revival?

This popular american rock bank was made up by lead singer Jon Fogerty, Tom Fogerty, Doug Clifford and Stu Cook. Their most popular song 'Bad Moon Rising' was released in 1969 at the height of the band's popularity.

Why does the shorter string of the pendulum swing faster?

The shorter string of a pendulum swings faster because it has a smaller arc to travel through during each swing, leading to quicker acceleration and shorter time periods for one complete swing. This results in higher frequency and faster movement.