Symbol for thousand

Updated: 12/22/2022
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In Roman Numerals one thousand is written as M.

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Q: Symbol for thousand
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What is the symbol for one thousand grams?

The symbol for one thousand grams is "kg" which stands for kilograms.

What is numerical symbol for thousand?

If it's Roman Numerals then the symbol is M

What is the numerical symbol for thousand?

it is "M"

What is the symbol for thousand?


What is the thousand dollars symbol?


What is the symbol for 1 thousand?

1 k

What is the name and symbol of the derived unit for one thousand metres?

It is a kilometre, with symbol km.

What was the symbol for a ten thousand in an ancient Egypt?


In a dollar amount what does the symbol M mean?


What does the symbol M mean in dollar amounts?


What is 1.3 k?

K is normally the symbol for thousand, so 1.3k would be 1300.

In the symbol 131531 the number 53 represents the?

It is the number of tens modulo one thousand.