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A system of linear equations that has one unknown is a set of equations that all depend on the same variable. An example is y = 1 + 3x and y = 4 + 7x.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: System of linear equation in one unknown?
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How do you figure out if an equation is a linear equation?

An equation is linear if the highest power of the unknown in the equation is 1for example an equation with just a variable to the power one such as x, y and so on is linear but one with x2, y2 and above is not linear

10 examples of linear equation in one unknown?


Whats the difference between a linear equation and a system of linear equations?

Quite simply, the latter is a group of the former.A system of linear equations is several linear equations taken together, each using the same group of unknowns. Usually, such a system provides one linear equation for each unknown (x, y, z, et al) that must be found (more complex systems can exist, though). You can use and manipulate these linear equations as you would a single linear equation to help solve for the unknowns. One way is to reduce all but one of the unknowns so that each can be expressed in terms of the remaining unknown and then solve for the remaining unknown which would in turn give you the others.

Is there any system which involves one nonlinear equation and one linear equation?


What is 2x plus 3y equals 6 in equation of calculus?

It is one linear equation in two unknown variables.

How do you define system linear equations?

A linear equation in n variables, x1, x2, ..., xn is an equation of the forma1x1 + a2x2 + ... + anxn = y where the ai are constants.A system of linear equations is a set of m linear equations in n unknown variables. There need not be any relationship between m and n. The system may have none, one or many solutions.

What is 3 plus 4d equals 39?

It is a linear equation in one unknown, d.

What is a system of equations that has at least one solution?

a linear equation

What is 15-2n equals 6-n?

It is a linear equation in one unknown variable, n.

How do you solve 7x equals 9y?

You cannot solve one linear equation with two unknown variables.

What is the answer for x-2y equals 2?

It is not possible to solve one linear equation in two unknown variables. Another, independent equation is required.

What is 2e plus 8 equals 2a-12?

It is one linear equation in two unknown variables: e and a.

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