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Yes, it is.

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2014-10-04 11:42:14
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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: The equation of the axis of the parabola x minus 3 power 2 is equal to 2 y plus 4 is Answer is x minus 3 is equal to 0?
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The co-ordinates of the focus of Parabola x minus 3 power 2 is equal to 4 y minus 2 is Answer is 3 3 how?

The standard equation for an upward opening parabola with its vertex at (f,g) is (x - f)2 = 4c(y - g), where c is the focal length, that is the distance of the focus from the vertex. Putting the equation shown in this form we have :- (x - 3)2 = 4 * 1(y - 2) . . . thus c = 1 The vertex is at (3,2) and as the focal length is 1 (and this is positive) then the coordinates of the focus are (3, [2 + 1]) = (3,3).

What is different between parabola and quadric equation?

There is no such thing as a quadric equation. The nearest word is quartic which is an equation involving the fourth power of the independent variable. It is unlikely that you will have come across that. It is possible that you might be wanting to refer to a quadratic equation, which is the equation of a parabola. That being the case, they two represent the same thing.

What number has to be switch to make the equation true 62-63 equals 1?

2 to the 6 power then sixty-three minus one will equal one

What is the y value in the function f(x)3x to the power of 2 minus 3?

As it is a function and a parabola, it has many y-values. To find a certain one, you would plug a number in for x and solve it, or you could graph the equation see what points fall on the curve. In essence, that equation is the y-values.

What are some examples of quadratic equation?

x to the power of a whole number, like y=x to the power of 3 or y= x to the power of 6, that will create a parabola

What does 2.9 to the power of 3 equal minus 2.9?

2.9^3 = 24.389

What does - 2 to the second power equal?

-2 times -2 = plus 4 since minus times minus is plus

What does minus five to the zero power equal?

By definition, any number raised to the zero power is "one".

What is the name of this function 4y plus 8 equal to 3x to the power of 2 minus 2x plus 1?

if you rearrange it, it becomes 4y + 8 = 3x2 -2x +1 4y = 3x2 -2x -7 y= (3x2 -2x -7)/4 which is a parabola

What is the y coordinate of the vertex of the parabola of X negative 3 point 5 ly plus 3l power of 2 plus 5?

There is no equation but an expression. An expression cannot refer to a parabola. Please check your information and resubmit the question.

What is 2 to the power of 7 minus 3 to the power of 3 divided by 7?

2 to the power of 7 minus 3 to the power of 3 divided by 7 is equal to 124 1/7 ≈ 124.14

What is 10-6 to the second power?


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