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It is 28652616 metres^3.

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2017-02-09 14:55:35
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Q: The ratio of the sides of two similar cubes 34 the smaller cube has a volume of 729m cubed what is the volume of the larger cube?
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Spaghetti sauce comes in large and small cylindrical cans. The larger can has a radius and height that are both three times longer than the radius and height of the smaller can. If the volume of the s?

the volume of the larger can is 952.56 inches cubed -apex

Is 30 ml larger or smaller than 30 cm cubed?

they are the same

What is Deimos's volume?

The planet Mars has two moons. Deimos is the smaller of the two. The volume of Deimos is 998 kilometers cubed.

What happens the surface to volume ratio when the cell becomes larger?

Surface ratio is squared while the volume ratio is cubed.

Is the volume of a cylinder cubed?


How do you convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed?

you cannot convert the volume of a cylinder from squared to cubed. the volume is always cubed. the area is squared

Is the volume of a figure squared or cubed?

It is cubed.

Is the volume of a rectangular prism squared or cubed?

The volume is cubed and the surface area is squared.

Is the volume of a circular cone cubed or squared?


What is the volume of the sun in km cubed and mile cubed?

The sun is 1.4e27 meters cubed

A ten-pin bowling ball has a volume of about 5274 cm cubed A candlepin bowling ball has a volume of about 48 inches cubed Which has the greatest volume?

I suggest that a candlepin bowling ball cannot have a volume of 48 inches cubed since that is huge. 48 inches cubed = 48"*48"*48" = (48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm)*(48*2.54cm) >120*120*120cm3 = 1 728 000 cm3 which is more than 300 times larger than the 5274 cm cubed ball.

Do you measure the volume of the room with meters?

a volume can be measured in meters cubed (m3), centimeters cubed (cm3) or other measurings. A room's volume would probably be measured in meters cubed.

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