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The answer to this is 350cm. This is because 1 meter is 100 cm. So you must multiply 3.5 by 100 which gives you 350cm. Good luck! ;)

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Q: The rope was 3.5 meters long How many centimeters is the rope?
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Greg has a piece of of rope that is 5 meters How long is the rope?

5 meters, or 500 centimeters, or about 5.47 yards, or 16.41 feet.

What is the length in centimeters of a rope that is 422 meters long?


How many cenimeters is 2.8 meters of rope?

1 meter = 100 cm2.8 meters = 280 cm

Susan's rope is three times as long as Fred's rope Fred's rope is twice as long as Allisons rope the total length of their ropes is 36 meters how long is Fred's rope?

8 meters. :) WRONG! It's 6 meters. Fred's rope = 6 Susan's rope = 18 Allison's rope = 12 6 + 18 + 12 = 36

Bill has 3 meters of rope how many dm long is the rope?

Hint: 1 m = 10 dm... 3 meters = 3 x 10 dm = 30 dm

How long is a rope if its standing wave fundamental frequency has a wavelength of 10 meters?

The length of the rope would be half the wavelength of the standing wave, so in this case, the rope would be 5 meters long. This is because the fundamental frequency of the standing wave has one full wavelength, which corresponds to half the length of the rope.

A piece of rope that is 6.3 meters long cut into 9 equal pieces is how long?


Greg has a rope 6 yards long How many inches long is the rope?

The rope is equivalent to 216 inches long.

How many meters in one roll of nylon rope 10 mm in Philippines?

how many meters make one roll of sinamaymaterial

If a rope is 4M and 6Cm long and it is cut in half then in 2 equal pieces then how long is each piece?

2 meters 3 centre meters xx

A rope is 440cm long how long is it in meters?

Remember there are 100 cm = 1 m Hence in 440 cm there are 4.40 m.

How long is a rope that goes around a square plot that is 6 meters on each side?

24 meters, if it stays tight against the outside of the fence