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1 ft = 12 in : 1 sq ft = 12 x 12 = 144 sq in

Area of rug = 6 x 9 = 54 sq ft = 54 x 144 = 7776 sq in

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Q: The rug underneath the table is 6 feet by 9feet What is the area of the rug in square inches?
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How do you convert inches into square inches?

Inches x inches = square inches (6 in x 3 in = 18 square inches) A table top is 24 inches wide and 18 inches long. The area of the table is:24" x 18" = 432 sq. inches

What height is a Thomas the train table?

The Thomas the train table is eighteen inches tall, including the storage tray underneath. The length and width of the table (presumably the play area) is 49.5 inches by 33.5 inches.

If 48 square inches are subtracted from the area of a square table the result would be equal to twice the perimeter what is the length of the side of the table?

The side of the table is 12 inches long.

How much material is needed to cover a sixty inch table?

If the table is a square with 60-inch sides, then the area is 3600 square inches = 2.78 square yards.If the table is a circle that's 60 inches across, then the area is 900 pi square inches = 2.18 square yards.Any hang-down is extra.

What is the perimeter of a square table with a side length of 50 inches?

200 inches.

How many square inches in a 4 foot round table?

A circle with a radius of 24 inches will have an area of approximately 1809.56 square inches.

Will a 90 inch square tablecloth fix a 60 inch round table?

No because a round table with a circumference of 60 inches has an area of just over 286 square inches.

How many square inches in a 60 inch table?

Is the 60 inches measured diagonally from corner to corner (as is a TV screen)? If the 60 inches is the length, then what is the width? Length times by the width will give you the square measurement of the table.

What is the area of a 70 inch square table?

4,900 square inches, or 34.0278 square feet (rounded)

How many square inches of glass will it take to cover Rectangular table top is 30 by 48?

That's 1,440 square inches.

What is the size of a standard bridge table?

The standard size of a bride table is 32 inches by 32 inches. The tables should be in a square shape.

What is 200 square inches?

It is an area that can covers 200 square inches. For example, if you have a kitchen table that is 200 square inches it would be the same amount of area as a rectangluar piece of paper that is 20 inches on one side and 10 inches on another.