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Q: True or false during bacons rebellion the city of JamestownMaryland was burned?
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What were the origins of the political turmoil in Virginia during the 1670s?

Bacons Rebellion

Why did slavery accelerate after bacons rebellion?

Because the indentured servants(the people who rebelled during the rebellion) couldn't be trusted anymore. The feds turned to slaves because they could be forced to work and had a low chance of rebelling

Who burned Jamestown to the ground?

Nathaniel Bacon and his followers burned down Jamestown, Virginia during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676.

Which of these people were in Nathaniel bacons army?

Nathaniel Bacon's army during Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 consisted of a diverse group of individuals. It included indentured servants, enslaved Africans, poor whites, and some Native Americans.

What were they burned during the Holocaust?

they has burned Grammer

Who was the leader of mexico during the rebellion?

Which rebellion? You should be more clear.

When was the Jamestown capital burned and why?

The Colonial Capital in Jamestown was torched during Bacon's Rebellion on 19 September 1676 in protest to the failure of Governor Berkeley to exterminate the Native American population on the Colonial frontier.

What took place during stono rebellion?

during the Stono rebellion rebellious slaves killed several planter families.

Was Savannah Georgia burned during the Civil War?

No, Savannah Georgia was burned during the American Revolution.

Where did the most serious slave rebellion occur during the colonial period?

The Stono Rebellion was the most serious slave rebellion that occurred during the course of the Revolutionary War. This rebellion began on September 9th 1739 in South Carolina. The Stono Rebellion is also known as Catoâ??s Conspiracy or Catoâ??s Rebellion.

What happened during the stone rebellion?


What happened during the rebellion?

During the Whisky Rebellion, protesters attacked tax inspectors who were trying to collect the tax. The tax was an excise tax on distilled spirits.