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The two angles are supplementary. If their sum were 90 degrees, they would be complementary.

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Q: Two angle's summation is 180 degree than the angle is called what?
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155 degree angle is called what?

all angles greater then 90o are called obtuse angle

What do you called an angles measure 90 degree?

A right angle.

What does a 22 degree angle and a 68 degree angle make?

Any two angles whose sum is equal to 90 degrees are called "complementary angles".

What is an 360 degree angle called?

A circle has 360 degrees and a square has four 90 degree angles as does a rectangle.It's called complementary. A 90 degree angle is called supplementary.

What do you call 45 degree angle?

First of all, the 90 degree angle is called a right angle.Now, the angles with lower than 90 degrees is called an acute angle.Last, the angles with higher than 90 degrees is called an obtuse angle.

What is called lines that intersect to from 90 degree angles?

A right angle

What kind of triangle is 25 and a 90 degree angle?

Those triangles with 25 and 90 degree angles are called right angle triangle.

What type of angle is a 28 degree angle?

It is an acute angle. All angles from 1 - 89 degrees are acute. A 90 degree angle is a right angle. Angles from 91 - 179 are obtuse angles.

Is a 200 degree angle an obtuse angle?

No, a 200 degree angle is a reflex angle. Reflex angles are angles that measure more than 180 degrees.

What is the degree of a acute angle?

Acute angles is the name they give angles smaller than 90 degrees.Any larger and they are called obtuse angles.

What would 30 degree angle called?

Angles less than 90 degrees are called acute

What is supplementry angle?

the sum of two acute angles which add up to 180 degree is known as or called as supplementary angle.