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One possible answer is -4 and -3.

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Q: What are The product of two consecutive positive integers is 27 more than five times the larger integer. Find the integers?
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The product of any two integers is a positive integer?

No, if a negative integer is multiplied by a positive integer, the product is negative. However, if both of the integers are either positive or negative, the product is positive.

What can you say about the product of an integer and a positive integer?

-- The product is an integer. -- If the original two integers are both positive, then the product is positive. -- If the original two integers have different signs, then the product is negative.

Two consecutive positive integers have a product of 156 find the smaller integer?

13 and 12 are the two integers that have the product of 156 and 12 is the smaller of the two.

What is the integer if the product of two consecutive positive odd integers is one less than three times their sum?

The integers are 5 and 7.

What is product of two consecutive integers is 380?

The two consecutive positive integers whose product is 380 are 19 x 20.

What three consecutive positive even integers such that the product of the second and third integers is twenty more than ten times the first integer?


What is 56.25 percent as a consecutive integers?

56.25% is not an integer and so cannot be expressed as a sum, difference, product or quotient of consecutive integers.

What are the negative integers of the product of two consecutive integers that equal 440?

There are no two consecutive integers, negative or positive, whose product is 440.

What is the product of an even number of negative integers?

A positive integer.

What is the product of a positive integers and negative integer?

always a negative

What is the product of two negative integers?

The product of two negative integers is positive as for example -4 times -5 = 20

The product of two consecutive integers is 156?

Yes, the integers are 12 and 13.

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