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Well they are used for multipling dividing adding and subtraction

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Q: What are composite numbers used for?
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How are prime and composite numbers used in everyday jobs?

Prime numbers and composite numbers are not used in daily jobs. However they are used by scientists to prove theorems.

What numbers can be used from the composite number 93?

3 can be used.

How are composite numbers used in everyday life?

Composite numbers can be used by businessmen, shopkeepers etc. These people use calculations a lot in their daily life.

Where are composite numbers used in math?

Composite numbers are used to factorize a number into smaller. It makes calculation easy for the person.

Are composite numbers even numbers?

Not all composite numbers are even, but all even numbers except 2 are composite.

What is the relationship between composite numbers and rectangular numbers?

Rectangular numbers are a subset of composite numbers. The squares of prime numbers will be composite but not rectangular.

To find answers to composite numbers fast?

There may not be any fast methods. In fact, composite numbers which are the product of two very large primes are used for public key encryption. This depends on the fact that there is no fast answer to factorising composite numbers.

How do composite numbers compare with odd and even numbers?

composite numbers are those that have more than 2 factors. all even numbers other than 2 are composite numbers and some odd numbers are composite numbers. numbers that are prime are the numbers that are not composite numbers i hope this answers your question :)

What are the uses of prime and composite numbers?

All composite numbers have prime factors and these are used to find the highest common factor of 2 or more numbers and they are also used in finding the lowest common multiple of 2 or more numbers. Composite numbers have 2 or more factors while prime numbers have only 2 factors which are themselves and one

Are 27 and 259134 prime numbers or composite numbers?

Both are composite numbers

Why do you think prime numbers would be more useful for the creation of codes than composite numbers?

Actually it is composite numbers that are used - products of two very large primes.

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