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Q: What are elements that can be hammered into shapes?
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What is the name of the group of elements that can be hammered into thin sheets of metal?

The group of elements that can be hammered into thin sheets of metal is called malleable metals. These include metals like gold, silver, copper, and aluminum.

Can chromium be hammered into shapes?

Yes, chromium can be hammered into shapes due to its malleability and ductility. However, its hardness and brittleness compared to other metals may make it more challenging to shape through traditional metalworking techniques.

Metals are said to be malleable because?

they can be hammered or rolled into shapes

A material that is can be hammered into thin sheets and other shapes .?


Can carbon be hammered into shapes?

No, carbon cannot be hammered into shapes as it is a non-metallic element. However, carbon can be combined with other materials to form composites that can be shaped and molded.

What is the definition of mallebility?

a material that can be hammered or rolled into flat sheets or other shapes

How do you use malleable in a simple sentence?

When heated, steel becomes malleable, and can be hammered into shapes.

What is the ability to be hammered into shapes?

The ability to be hammered into shapes is known as malleability. It is a property of certain materials, such as metals like gold and copper, that allows them to be easily deformed without breaking when subjected to pressure or compression. This property makes them ideal for various manufacturing processes, such as forging and shaping.

What is the ability to be bent flattened or hammered without breaking?

Metals, when heated appropriately, can be both rolled flat and hammered into shapes. The whole art of swordmaking is based on this, as is the art of's malleable

What is maellable?

The term "maellable" does not have a standard definition in the English language. It might be a typographical error or an uncommon term. If you can provide more context or clarification, I would be happy to help further.

Can metals be flattened?

Yes, metals can be flattened through a process called forging or rolling. This involves applying pressure to the metal to reduce its thickness and increase its surface area without fracturing it. Flattening metals can enhance their strength and form them into different shapes for various applications.

What are the physical properties of metals non metals and noble gases?

metals conduct heat, transmit electricity, and are usually ductile. non-metals do not conduct heat well, do not transmit electricity and can't be hammered into shapes. noble gases cannot combine with any other elements.