What are expanded words?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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In mathematics, expanded words are the written forms of numbers. For example, the expanded words used for 1,231 are "one-thousand two-hundred thirty-one."

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Q: What are expanded words?
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What is the importance of using expanded words correctly?

Using expanded words correctly reflects an understanding of grammar details Expanded words are a significant part of good speaking and writing

What is 5.34 in expanded form?

Expanded form means you write it out in words, so 5.34 in expanded form would be five point three four.

How do you write in expanded form?

You write in the numbers in words when you write in expanded.

What is the definition of the word expanded?

The word expanded implies growth. Something that has enlarged, expanded or something that has broadened. Other words that could be used are extended or outspread.

How do you write 232.87 in expanded form?

The expanded form of 232.87 is two hundred thirty two and eighty seven. This number is written out in words.

What is 67011 in expanded form in words?

Sixty-seven thousand, eleven.

What is 232.87 in expanded forn?

The number 232.87 in expanded form would be two hundred thirty two and eighty seven. This is a number that is written out in words.

Write the following numbers in words and in expanded notation 30027.4307?

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What is the expanded form of 300.4 in words?

300.4 = three hundred and four tenths.

What is the expanded form of 9783681627?

Expanded form is writing numbers in words, so 9,783,681,627 in expanded form would be nine trillion, seven hundred eighty-three million, six hundred eighty-one thousand, six hundred twenty seven.

What is the expanded form for 492807 in words?

Four hundred ninety-two thousand, eight hundred seven.

What is 67.2 in expanded form?

600 + 70 + 2.Expanded form is a way to write numbers by showing the value of each digit. In other words, expanded form is the method of pulling a number apart and expressing it as a sum of the values of each digit.The best way to identify the expanded form of a number is to simply write the number in words, which separates them in this way. Each number in the expanded form has only one non-zero digit, and zeroes.Six hundred seventy two is in three parts: Six hundred, seventy, and two.Now express this as a sum of digits.672 = 600 + 70 + 2