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You age, your height, your mass, the speed at which you run, the energy you burn in doing so. They may be measured as discrete quantities but the underlying variables are all continuous.

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Q: What are five continuous variables?
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What is the difference between continuous and discrete system?

The difference between continuous and discrete system lies in the variables. Whereas the continuous systems have dynamic variables, the discrete system have static variables.

Are zip codes and example of continuous variables?

It is not continuous.

Can continuous variables assume a limited number of values between any 2 specific values?

Yes, if you have two limiting variables with other possibles variables between them, the variables between the limiting variables would be continuous.

Classification of variables according of continuity of values?

Not continuous => Discrete variable. Continuous => Continuous variable.

Variables that remain unchanged throughout an experiment are called?

Independent and Dependent Variables

Is age a continuous variable?

Continuous variables have an unlimited number of possibilities between two points. In the scientific realm, age is a continuous variable.

What are continuous and discrete variables?

the value of variables is determined by the equation, discrete variables have absolute single value while the continuos have a range value

ARE All continuous random variables are normally distributed?


Are zip codes an example of continuous variables?

Yes, family income is absolutely an example of a continuous variable. but zip code ,i think, is not a continuous variable

What is analysis of covariance used for?

Analysis of covariance is used to test the main and interaction effects of categorical variables on a continuous dependent variable, controlling for the effects of selected other continuous variables, which co-vary with the dependent. The control variables are called the "covariates."

Why do you connect points on a coordinate graph?

If the variables are something continuous, then you should connect the points. For example, if it is your height and weight then since those variables are continuous it is necessary to connect the points plotted on the coordinate graph.

Number of notes in a song is discrete variable?

number of notes in a song is discrete variables or continuous variables