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-- The place where a latitude intersects a longitude is a point, not a line.

-- There are an infinite number of different longitudes, and each latitude

intersects all of them.

-- There are an infinite number of different latitudes, and each longitude

intersects all of them.

-- So you can see that there are a truly huge number of intersections.

In fact, every point on Earth is an intersection of one latitude and one

longitude, and no two points on Earth are the same intersection.

On account of all that, there are no names.

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Q: What are lines called where latitude and longitude intersect?
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What are the lines that intersect latitude lines on a map are lines of?


Do lines of longitude cross lines of latitude?

They intersect, yes.

Which lines of latitude and longitude intersect in Illinois?

40n, 89w

How do you use longitude and latitude to find a location?

You find the lines of latitude and longitude and find the place that they intersect, which is your location.

What is the longitude and and latitude of the tropic of cancer?

The two tropics are lines of latitude at 23°26′13.0″ North and South of the Equator and they intersect all lines of longitude.

How many lines of longitude does a line of latitude intersect?

Every line of longitude intersects with every line of latitude and vic-versa.

Do all lines of latitude and longitude intersect at right angles?

No. All of them do but two. The latitude lines at 90 degrees North and South actually coincide with the intersection of all longitudinal lines. So technically, because they coincide, they do not form any angle.

Is it true that the lines of latitude called meridians never touch?

No, this statement is false. Meridians are lines of longitude that converge at the poles, meaning they touch at the poles. Lines of latitude, however, like the equator, never intersect and are always parallel to each other.

How many lines of longitude does one line of latitude intersect?

Every line of constant latitude intersects every possible longitude, and vice-versa.

Do lines of latitude sometimes intersect?

No, lines of latitude do not intersect.

When lines of longitide and latitude intersect they form?

When lines of longitude and latitude intersect, they form a grid system that allows for the precise location of any point on Earth. This system helps in navigation and mapping, with latitude lines running east-west and longitude lines running north-south. The intersection of these lines creates coordinates that can pinpoint any location on the globe.

Are the parallel lines on a globe called longitude or latitude lines?