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Lines that aren't perpendicular

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Q: What are non-perpendicular lines?
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What does nonperpendicular mean?

straight up and down

Why do nonperpendicular vectors need to be resolved into components before you can add the vectors together?

You can graphically add the vectors together without resolving them. However to mathematically add them they need to be resolved to find the new direction.

Why do non-perpendicular vectors need to be resolved into components before you can add the vectors together?

Nonperpendicular vectors need to be resolved into components because the Pythagorean theorem and the tangent function can be applied only to right triangles.

What are all types of lines?

They are: -skew lines -parallel lines -intersecting lines -straight lines -zigzag lines -dotted lines -solid lines -curved lines -perpendicular lines

Different types of lines in mathematics?

Different types of lines are :parallel lines, intersecting lines, perpendicular lines,oblique lines, vertical lines, horizontal lines, zigzag lines, curved lines ,wavy lines, and dashed or dotted lines.

What are The lines that intercept latitude lines on a map Are lines of what?

The lines that intercept latitude lines are lines of longitude.

Different types of lines and their meanings?

VERTICAL LINES-lines that are at right angle and or perpendicular to a plane.HORIZONTAL LINES-lines that are parallel to the horizon.ANGULAR LINES-lines that have sharp edges. They can be long or short.CURVE LINES-lines that are without angles.SLANTING OR DIAGONAL-lines that suggest action or movement.JAGGED LINES-lines that are harsh and unpleasant.

What are the types of lines in fine art?

Center lines, hidden lines, cutting plane, break lines, dimension lines, section lines, extension lines

What are the different types of alphabet lines?

Hi The different types of Alphabet of lines are:-Visible.-cutting plane lines.-Short breaking lines.-Border lines.-Invisible lines .-Ditto or hidden lines.-Center lines.-Long break lines.-Section lines.-Dimension lines

What are lines opposite of the transversal lines?

Either parallel lines or longitudinal lines are opposite transversal lines.

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