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Q: What are other common units of volume?
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What Unit of measure do you use to determine volume?

The SI unit for volume is the cubic meter (m³). Other common units include liters (L) and milliliters (mL).

What are common units for volume?

ml litre

What are the common units for xpressing the volume of liquids?


What are units used to express the volume of gas?

The most common units used to express the volume of gas are liters (L) and cubic meters (m³). Other units such as milliliters (mL) and cubic centimeters (cm³) are also used for smaller volumes.

What units of volume?

The most common units of volume are liters (L), milliliters (mL), cubic meters (m^3), and cubic centimeters (cm^3). Other units like gallons and cups are also used in specific regions or industries.

What unit is used to label liquid volume?

Liquid volume is typically measured in units such as liters (L) or milliliters (mL). Other common units for liquid volume include cubic meters (m^3) and fluid ounces (fl oz).

What units do you use in volume?

Volume is typically measured in liters (L) or cubic meters (m^3) for larger quantities, and milliliters (mL) or cubic centimeters (cm^3) for smaller amounts. Other common units for volume include gallons, fluid ounces, and cubic feet.

What is a way to remember volume units?

One way to remember volume units is to remember the acronym "GQT", which stands for Gallon, Quart, Pint. This order represents the hierarchy of common volume units in the US customary system.

What are the units for volume of a sphere?

The same as units for any other volume; litres or cubic centimetres/ metres/ inches/ feet/ yards.

Give two examples of common units for mass and volume?

Mass: Pound and Gram Volume: Gallon and Litre.

List three common units of volume?

liter,milliliter,cubic centimeter

What are mass and volume?

Mass amount of matter in an object; given in units such as gramsVolume amount of space occupied by matter; milliliters (mL) and liters (L) are common units of volume