What are some probability words?

Updated: 10/31/2022
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Some words that can apply to probability are:

maybe; odds; chance(s); if.

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Q: What are some probability words?
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What is the definition of or in a probability?

My answer for probability Probability is the chance that something will happen - how likely it is that some event will happen. Sometimes you can measure a probability with a number: "10% chance of rain", or you can use words such as impossible, unlikely, possible, even chance, likely and certain. Example: "It is unlikely to rain tomorrow".

What does dependent probability mean?

Dependent probability is the probability of an event which changes according to the outcome of some other event.

What are some weather related words starting with the letter p?

partly cloudy, polar air, precipitation, prevailing wind, probability of precipitation

What is a numerical probability?

Probability is a numerical measure. Occasionally, though, it is expressed in words such as very likely or not at all likely. But these phrases are (or should be) based on the fact that probability itself is a number.

Words ending in ity?

personality, city, probability, possibility

What are four words that describe probability?

Likelihood of event occurring.

What is probability how does probability relate to genetics?

Probability is what chance something has to happen. The Punnett Square is a way how to predict in genetics how likely an offspring is to have a trait passed on from parents, or in other words find out the probability of a trait being in the phenotype or the genotype.

Difference between objective probability and subjective probability?

Objective probability is based on some basis of fact, experimentation, or analysis. Subjective probability is based on someones guess.

How does one find the probability of A given B compliment?

P(A given B')=[P(A)-P(AnB)]/[1-P(B)].In words: Probability of A given B compliment is equal to the Probability of A minus the Probability of A intersect B, divided by 1 minus the probability of B.

What words could be use to describe an event with a probability of 0.6?


Can a probability of some event be negative?


What is the probability of the sun not setting at night.?

At some place on earth, and at some times of the year it is certain to happen so the probability is 1.