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Dependent probability is the probability of an event which changes according to the outcome of some other event.

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Q: What does dependent probability mean?
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When an event's probability depends on the likelihood of another event. the probability is what?

It is dependent.

What is the probability of an event that is affected by two or more different events called?

A dependent probability.

What is mean by machine dependent and indipendent?

dependent mean dependent othewise not dependent

Is it true that two dependent events can have the same probability of occurring?


What is the difference between dependent and independent events in terms of probability?

What is the difference between dependant and independent events in terms of probability

Events for which the outcome of one event affects the probability of the other?

Dependent events.

What is the definition of dependent events?

Two events are dependent if the outcome or occurrence of the first affects the outcome or occurrence of the second so that the probability is changed.

What Event whose probability depends on one or more independent events is a?

dependent event

What does fair mean from a probability perspective?

From a probability perspective fair means equal probability.

What does it mean to find the probability of an event?

Read the introduction to probability and probability measures at

What is independent probability?

An independent probability is a probability that is not based on any other event.An example of an independent probability is a coin toss. Each toss is independent, i.e. not related to, any prior coin toss.An example of a dependent probability is the probability of drawing a second Ace from a deck of cards. The probability of the second Ace is dependent on whether or not a first Ace was drawn or not. (You can generalize this to any two cards because the sample space for the first card is 52, while the sample space for the second card is 51.)

What the mean of unliquidated?

1.The possibility of an obligation to pay certain sums dependent on future events. 2.defined obligation by a company that must be met,but the probability of payments is minimal.

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