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Q: What are the main problem areas in numerical linear algebra?
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How will you remember the properties of Algebra?

There are many different areas within algebra: linear algebra, algebraic structures, algebraic geometry, vector algebra and so on. Some properties are valid in only some of these and not in others. You need to understand what the properties mean and perhaps keep in mind one or two examples where the property is valid.

Why do you think it important to study algebra?

Algebra is a basic fundamental of mathematics. If you don't do well in Algebra, chances are, you won't do well in other math areas such as Geometry and Pre-Calculus. Algebra is also an everyday thing. We use Algebra every day!

When can you use algebra in daily life?

Algebra can be used in decision making, data entry, calculating distance, and many other areas.

What are the areas of mathematics that make being able to determine the GCF and the LCM useful?

GCF and LCM will be most useful in algebra, but can be used in one fashion or another in all areas of mathematics.

How has math help the communtiy?

"You wouldn't be able to use your computer if it weren't for algebra. Algebra underlies all the technology we enjoy and is needed in all the hard sciences. Algebra was needed in designing your house and in creating medications you take when you are sick. If you are wondering why you need to take algebra, it's because, like Shakespeare, it is one of the great things our culture has to offer. And if you work to understand it, you will improve your ability to think and problem solve in other areas of your life." according to ID1203418263.

What is the main problem areas of the job?

The main problem areas of the Business & Finance job is the figuring out how to do it areas.

How many linear feet are in a cubic yard?

linear feet and cubic yards (areas) are different units of measurement and can not be equated.

What all is involved with abstract algebra?

When focusing upon abstract algebra, there are many different areas included within this topic such as groups, rings, modules and vector space. These all are part of the sequence to constructing abstract algebra.

In what way was pascal's triangle used?

Two major areas where Pascal's Triangle is in Algebra and Probability.

What are the applications of linear transformations?

Linear transformations can be very important in graphics. Also, linear transformations come up whenever you need to solve systems of linear equations, which arise quite often. Finally, they can be useful in further areas of mathematics such as topology.

How does a Graphic Rating Scale work?

A manager rates each employee on the listed areas according to a numerical score

Can spreadsheets be helpful with advanced math areas like algebra and calculus?

Yes. I use them a lot when answering these questions.