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3, 3, 2, and 5

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Q: What are the prime factor of ninety?
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What is the factor tree of ninety seven?

97 is already prime. It doesn't need a tree.

Is ninety one prime?


What is the prime number just before ninety-seven?

The prime number just before ninety-seven is 89.

What is the greatest common factor of ninety-one and ninety-five?

is 9000

Is a factor a prime number?

A factor can or cannot be a prime number Ex: 2 is the factor of all other even numbers its a prime number but 9 is a factor of 18 and its not a prime number A prime is a factor but a factor being a prime number varies

Is four a prime number to ninety eight?


Is nineties a prime or a composite?

Ninety-seven is a prime; the remainder of the nineties are composites.

Is nine factor of ninety?

Really. yes

Is three a prime factor?

Yes. Any time three is a factor, it is a prime factor.

Is 6 a prime factor of 132?

It is a factor of 132, not a prime factor.

What is a common prime factor?

All numbers have factors. Some factors are prime numbers. A prime factor is a factor that is a prime number. A common prime factor is a prime factor that appears on the list of factors of two or more given numbers.

Is 19 factor or prime?

19 is a prime factor.