Is three a prime factor

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Yes. Any time three is a factor, it is a prime factor.

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3 is a prime but whether or not it is a factor depends on OF WHAT! 3 is a prime factor of 12 but not of 13.

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Q: Is three a prime factor
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Is 9 a prime factor?

9 is not a prime factor, but it does have one prime factor, which is three. Prime factors are factors of a number that are prime.

What number has 3 prime numbers in it but is also a factor?

30 has three prime numbers and is a factor of 60.

What is the largest prime factor of 72?


Is 15 a prime factor of 225?

15 is not a prime number, so it can't be a prime factor.

What is the Prime factor of twenty-three and forty-one?

Both are prime numbers

What is the smallest prime number of 195?

The smallest prime factor of 195 is three.

Is three a factor of 127?

No. 127 is a prime number

What is the prime factor for 81?

The prime factorization of 81 is: 3 X 3 X 3 X 3

What is 33 lowest prime number?

Three is 33's lowest prime factor.

What is prime factor 4564?

4,564 has three prime factors: 2, 7 and 163.

what is the smallest prime factors for 2049?

The smallest prime factor for 2,049 is three (3).

Are nine and three a prime factor?

9 is a composite number but 3 is a prime number