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A triangle has only one face and, not surprisingly, its shape is a triangle.

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Q: What are the shapes of each of the faces of a triangle?
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How many faces of a triangular prism are triangle shapes?

There are 2 with 1 at each end

What 3D shapes have equilateral triangle faces?

A tetrahedron (4 faces) and an icosahedron (20).

What is 4 triangle and 1 square faces?

They are five plane shapes!

How many faces does a eqalatral triangle have?

Only one; a triangle is a 2D shape, not a 3D shape. Usually only 3D (or more) shapes are considered to have 'faces'.

How many shapes of faces of a rectangular prism have?

2 shapes, a triangle, and a rectangle.since it is a prism, it is like a pyramid, 4 of the faces are triangles,but the base is a rectangle, hence the name rectangularprismtherefore, 2 shapes

Which 3-D shapes have at least 5 flat faces?


What geometric shapes have an odd number of faces?

Triangle Pentagon Septagon Nonagon Etc

What are the faces of a triangular pyramid?

it has 4 faces and each face is a triangle.

What are the shapes of each of the faces on a pyramid?

All except the base are always triangles; the shape of the base gives the name to the pyramid; eg a pentagonal pyramid has a pentagon as the base and five triangular faces; a triangular pyramid has three triangular faces and also has a triangle for the base.

What are the shapes of each of the faces of rectangular prism?

They are all rectangles.

How many faces does a icososahedron have?

A icosahedron has twenty faces.It has 20 faces.It has 20 triangle faces.Its faces are always triangles.Wow! Harsh! Super Shapes! Correct!

What is a 3-d shape that has 1 or more triangle faces?

There are infinitely many such shapes. A tetrahedron is one example.