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Q: What are the the factor effect of osmotic fragility result negative?
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Is albumin responsible for hydrostatic pressure?

No, the heart is. Albumen is a factor in osmotic pressure.

The osmotic pressure of a 0.010 M MgSO4 solution at 25 degrees Celsius is 0.318 ATM Calculate i the van't Hoff factor for this solution?

Since osmotic pressure is directly proportional to the van't Hoff factor, the van't Hoff factor for this solution is equal to the obtained osmotic pressure divided by the ideal osmotic pressure for a 0.010 M solution at the given temperature. The ideal osmotic pressure can be calculated using the formula π = iMRT, where i is the van't Hoff factor, M is the molarity, R is the ideal gas constant, and T is the temperature in Kelvin.

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased the other factor?

In a negative correlation as one factor is decreased, the other factor is increased.

What role does alcohol play in society?

Alcohol abuse, or any type of drug abuse has a multitude of effects, all which are negative. It has a negative effect on family life and workplace security. The effect also has negative personal health effects. The only "positive" effect, and this is not meant to be humorous, is that increases demand for social workers and doctors. It also is a factor in public health costs.

State any one factor other then size that can increase the rate at which water enters?

Pressure (osmotic or absolute).

Will the product of a positive and a negative factor be a positive or negative value?


Can two negative blood factor parents create a negative blood factor baby?

Yes, two parents with negative blood factors (e.g. O-) can have a child with a negative blood factor (e.g. O-). Blood type inheritance follows specific patterns, so it is possible for two negative blood factor parents to pass on the negative factor to their child.

What is the main factor that creates the high osmotic gradient between the cortex and medulla?

The main factor that creates the high osmotic gradient between the cortex and medulla in the kidney is the countercurrent multiplier system established by the loops of Henle. This system involves active transport of ions such as sodium and chloride, which creates a concentration gradient that allows for reabsorption of water from the collecting ducts.

Is there a significant interaction when there is a significant effect for factor A and a significant effect for factor B?


What is a negative scale factor?

A negative scale factor is used to produce the image on the other side of the centre of enlargement (scaled to the absolute value of the scale factor).

What is the osmotic pressure of NaCl?

NaCl--table salt--is typically look at as the solid solute within a solution. The osmotic pressure you need is for the solvent which will need to be calculated I believe. The Van Hoff Factor for NaCl (1.9) is probably what you needed

What factor do all negative numbers have in common?

One and negative one.