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E is energy in Joules (J) or Electron Volts (eV).

h is Planck's Constant. When using joules, Planck's constant is 6.63*10^-34 Joule*seconds (J*s). When using electron volts, Planck's constant is 4.14*10^-15 electron volt*seconds (eV*s).

f is the frequency of light in inverse seconds or 1/second

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Q: What are the units of h in the equation E equals hf?
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E equals hf - w then w equals?

w = hf - E

What does E stand for in the equation E equals MC squared?

E = energy energy = mass X velocity of light squared The common form of the equation in conventional units is E = mc^2, but in relativistic units (where the speed of light c is 1) the equation reduces to just E = m which is much easier to calculate. The factor c^2 is just a units conversion constant.

What does c stand for in e equals mc?

The 'c' in that equation stands for the speed of light in a vacuum. If the equation is being evaluated in metric units, then it's 299,792,458 meters per second. If in English units, then it's 186,282 miles per second.

What scientist is famous for the equation E equals MC?

Albert Einstein.Except that the equation was e = mc2

Derive an equation that relates wavelength and energy?

The energy of a photon (E) is directly proportional to its frequency (f) through the equation E = hf, where h is the Planck constant. The frequency of a wave is inversely proportional to its wavelength (λ) through the equation f = c/λ, where c is the speed of light. Combining these two equations gives the equation E = hc/λ, which relates energy and wavelength.

Who is the inventor of the equation E equals mc2?

Albert Einstein.

What is 15-4e equals -1?

An equation where e = 4

Who wrote the equation E equals mc2?

Albert Einstein

What is 4-e equals 2e-8?

A linear equation in the single variable, e.

What formula is e equals pt?

The formula for energy. E is for energy(Units = Joules) P is for power(Units = Watts) T is for time(Units = Seconds)

Which equation was used by Albert Einstein to explain the photoelectric effect?

Einstein used the equation E = hf to explain the photoelectric effect, where E is the energy of a photon, h is Planck's constant, and f is the frequency of the light. This equation shows that the energy of a photon is directly proportional to its frequency.

What does Einstein's equation E equals mc2 imply about mass and energy?

The Energy in a specific piece of matter is equal to its mass times the square of the speed of light.You might usefully investigate the units in this equation: was Einstein using ergs, grams, kilometers or what.