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A dimensional check in an equation can provide a quick check about the possible correctness of the equation. For example, if you are supposed to calculate a speed, the dimensions of the result MUST be of the form [distance] / [time] (or something that you can simplify to distance/time). If it doesn't, the formula is wrong. If it does, it MIGHT be correct.

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Q: What are the used of dimensional equation?
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Can dimensional analysis be used to check equation validity?


What is the dimensional equation of speed?

speed = distance / time

Who discovered linear equation?

William Rowan Hamilton invented or discovered Linear equation. Which these equation describe mechanics in three dimensional space.

What is -3x-5y equals 21?

It is a linear equation in two dimensional space. Such an equation defines a line in 2-d

What is an ordered pair that makes an equation in two variables true is called?

A solution (in 2-dimensional space).A solution (in 2-dimensional space).A solution (in 2-dimensional space).A solution (in 2-dimensional space).

Is it true that dimensional analysis can tell whether an equation is physically correct?


What is the equation for volume on a triangle?

Since a triangle is two-dimensional, it cannot have volume.

What are the examples of three unknown equation?

The location of a point in 3-dimensional space.

What is 5cm3 x 15cm3 plus 103 equals?

An equation in 6 dimensional space!

Why cant dimensional analysis be used to determine if a given equation is correct?

Dimensional analysis simply ensures that two sides of an equation have the same dimensions. By "dimensions" I mean quantities like distance, pressure, force, time, electric charge, etc. For example, a distance can not equal a time. So, if the dimensions are wrong, the equation is wrong, but if the dimensions are right, the equation may be right or it may be wrong. Getting the dimensions right is only part of the task!

What satisfies an equation in two variables?

An ordered pair or coordinates of a point in 2-dimensional space.

What is the mathematics used in platonic solids?

3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.3 dimensional geometry.

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