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It's not quite clear what's your question is actually asking but in general squares and rectangles consist of parallel and perpendicular line whereas right angle triangles have only perpendicular lines which meet at 90 degrees.

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Q: What are three groups a shape could be In based on parallel and perpendicular lines?
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How do you relate parallel and perpendicular lines to the real world?

If you are sitting in a room, the ceiling and the floor are parallel to each other. The walls are perpendicular to the floor and to the ceiling. So any line on these surfaces will be parallel to or perpendicular to any line on the other surface. And if they were not, the building could be quite unstable.

What geometric shape has 1 set of parallel sides and no perpendicular?

It could be a trapezoid

What do geometric lines mean?

They could be: parallel lines, perpendicular lines or intersecting lines

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular What could it be?

Parallelogram and a rectangle

Could a pair of parallel sides be different lenghth?

Two lines are said to be parallel if perpendicular distance between them is always constant. Length of a pair of parallel lines need not to be same. It can be different.

Why must electric field line be perpendicular to equipotential surfaces?

If the field lines were not perpendicular to the surface, then they could be decomposed into components perpendicular and parallel to the surface. But if there is an E-field along the surface, the surface is no longer an equipotential.

Does a hexaherdron have am perpendicular sides?

Not necessarily. It could be a pentagonal based pyramid.

Which geometric shape could not be drawn using both perpendicular line segments and parallel line segments?

A circle.

Which shape has no parallel sides but at least 1 pair of adjacent perpendicular sides?

It could be a right angle triangle

In a given quadrilateral each side is parallel to its opposite side and the diagonals are not perpendicular. what could it be?

Parallelogram and a rectangle

What figure has 2 parallel lines 2 pairs of perpendicular sides and 4 right angles?

It could be a square or a rectangle

Does a trapezoid have a pair of perpendicular lines?

The only requirement for a trapezoid is that one pair of opposite sides be parallel. There could be trapezoids with a pair of perpendicular lines.