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10:30, 20:60, 15:45 are three possible ratios

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Q: What are three ratios equivalent to five fifteen?
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How do you say the number 315?

three one five, three fifteen, three hundred and fifteen,

Are three over five and ten over fifteen equal?

No. Three over five is 60% while ten over fifteen is 66.66%

Three times five equal what is the answer?


Write five equivalent ratios for each ratio?


What are two equivalent ratios for five fourths?

5:4 = 10:8 = 20:16

Fifteen is to five as nine is to?

Fifteen is to five as nine is to three, because 15 divided by 3 equals 5, and 9 divided by 3 equals 3.

How do you write15.537 in word form?

Fifteen point five three seven.

How do you write 15.0015 in words?

There are lots of ways you could write it. Here are just three: One five point zero zero one five. Fifteen point zero zero one five. Fifteen and fifteen ten-thousandths.

Is ten times fifteen divided by five times three the same as ten times fifteen divided by fifteen?

no you have to do it in the order of operationBODM Division and Multiplication are equalAS

What are 3 equivalent ratios that can be simplified into five tenths?

50:100 1000:2000 .5:1

How do you spell 15 320 506 million?

15,320,506 is fifteen million, three hundred and twenty thousand, five hundred and six

What are two examples of five over fifteen as an equivalent fraction?

They are: 1/3 and 10/30