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two exaples of mathmatical models are multiplacation and division.

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Q: What are two exapmples of mathematical models?
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Two types of scientific models?

mathematical model and physical model

Three kinds of models used in science?

mathematical models conceptual models and Physical models

What has the author Frank D Masch written?

Frank D. Masch has written: 'Summary report from Workshop on Two-Dimensional Mathematical Models for Use in Hydraulic Problems' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Hydraulics

What are mathimatical models?

A mathematical model is made up of mathematical equations and data.

What types of models are there?

physical mathematical conceptual

What are three kinds of models used for science?

The three types of models used in science are : Physical models Mathematical models Conceptual models

How is physical model different from mathematical model?

A mathematical model is made up of mathematical equations and data. These models allow you to calculate things such as how far a car will travel in an hour or how much you could weigh on the moon. Physical models are models that you can touch. Toy cars, models of buildings, maps, and globes are all physical models.

What limitations do mathematical models have as problem solving tools?

There are many limitations that mathematical models have as problem solving tools. There is always a margin of error for example.

What has the author JH Pollard written?

J.H Pollard has written: 'Mathematical models for the growth of human population' -- subject- s -: Mathematical models, Population

What has the author Elizabeth Spencer Allman written?

Elizabeth Spencer Allman has written: 'Mathematical models in biology' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Biology

Why are the dynamic forces not considered in finite mathematical models?

Because the models are not limited to the analysis.

What has the author Frederic Y M Wan written?

Frederic Y. M. Wan has written: 'Mathematical models and their analysis' -- subject(s): Mathematical models

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