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Closure depends on the set as much as it depends on the operation.

For example, subtraction is closed for all integers but not for natural numbers. Division by a non-zero number is closed for the rational numbers but not integers.

The set {1, 2, 3} is not closed under addition.

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2015-07-11 10:24:29
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Q: What binary operations have closure?
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How can closure help understand the type of solution you might expect with operations?

If a set has closure with regards to certain operations then any solution that is obtained using those operations must belong to that set.

How do you perform arithmetic operations on binary numbers?

There are a few rules to perform arithmetic operations in binary numbers. According to those rules you can add or subtract binary numbers. There are only two arithmetic operations used in binary numbers, they are addition and subtraction.

Roles of computer in binary operations?


What are similarities on subtraction and multiplication?

They are binary operations.

Why is zero important in a set of integers?

It provides closure under the binary operation of addition.

What is the commutative property of a fact?

Commutativity is a property of binary operations. A fact is not a binary operator.

Addition and subtraction are example of what?

Binary arithmetic operations.

Divide times add subtract are called what?

Operations, or more precisely, binary mathematical operations

What are the applications of binary counters?

Binary counters are used in simple timing operations. They can generate clock signals among many other less than complex operations.

Write a program of binary heap in c or c language?

to implement operations on binary heap in c

What is Closure Property for multiplication?

The closure property is an attribute of a set with respect to a binary operation, not only a binary operation. A set S is closed with respect to multiplication if, for any two elements, x and y, belonging to S, x*y also belongs to S.

Can digital computers perform logical operations?

It already has; binary.

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