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Q: What causes my left eye to not be able to focus and its rolling round and round?
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What is the condition that causes constriction of the skull that causes swelling in the head and cuts off the fluids to the brain resulting in headaches not being able to focus and leg pain?

High blood pressure perhaps...

What are the benefits of a Balans chair?

A Balans chair puts the person sitting on it leaning inward. This causes people to focus better and be able to better concentrate and not want to sleep as much.

Example of focus in a sentence?

The older I get, the less able I am to focus my eyes on small print. Adam had to focus his eyes on the target before hitting it.

What could be causes of poor academic carrier of some student?

Some of the causes of a poor academic career for some students are simply bad study habits. They may not be able to focus on tasks easily. Another possible issue could be personal or financial issues which prohibit them from focusing on their studies.

Do you round your answer when you find the area of a circle?

You would have to round since area will not be able to be represented without rounding.

Does Ford Focus sales provide the option to purchase a used Ford Focus?

Ford Focus sales provides the option to purchase a used Ford Focus. On the website, it asks consumers to put in their zipcode so that they will be able to find a Focus in their area.

What is customer departmentalization?

employees are able to focus on unique customer need

How do i Remove a live round in gun?

depends on the gun but i would remove the magazine if there is one, open the chamber, if you look in you should be able to see the end of the round, then you should be able to maneuver your finger nail under the rim of the round then pull it out. Other then that firing the round would be the easiest way.

How can you develop Telekinesis?

You must learn to focus your mind enough to be able to focus on a single object (Without your mind wandering). After that, you imagine the object floating, or moving, and focus on that. With enough practice, you should be able to lift small objects. The same thing is true for mind controll.

What are some reasons people not being able to focus properly?

Not enough sleep

What happens when the ciliary muscles view a distant object?

When the ciliary muscles view a distant object, they relax. This causes the suspensory ligaments to pull tight, which flattens the lens of the eye. As a result, the eye is able to focus on the distant object by decreasing its refractive power.

What is the name of the ability that causes you not to be able to read numbers?

The disability that causes you not to be able to read numbers is called dyslexia. Dyslexic people struggle with reading and writing numbers.