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the egyptians used papyrus to write on.papyrus was derived from a plant and it was used instead of paper

Papyrus or paper reed (Cyperus papyrus) is a plant used by the ancient Egyptians to make paper much the same way as we do today.

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Q: What did the ancient Egyptians use papyrus for?
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What did ancient Egyptians use papyrus for?

For smell,used for ancient Egyptian perfum.

What technoligy did the ancient Egyptians use?

boats andd papyrus

What materials did ancient Egyptians use to write on?

Papyrus. It's like parchment.

What did the ancient egyptians do art on?


Who invented papyrus?

i would guess the ancient egyptians

What is a sentence for the word papyrus?

papyrus were used by the egyptians in ancient times

Paper made from reeds?

Egyptians made their paper out of the papyrus reed.

From papyrus the egyptians made a type of?

The Egyptians were able to make a type of paper from papyrus.

What plants did the ancient Egyptians plant along the Nile River that they did not use for food?


What was the source of paper used by the ancient egyptians?


When did the ancient Egyptians create paper?

They used papyrus.

What materials did Ancient Egyptians use to make sandals?

They did. Egyptians would use the papyrus to make boats, sandals, baskets, paper, and even to wrap their pharohs mummified bodies! As you see the Papyrus was very useful to the Egyptians! Thanks!