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The whole number comprises three digits: 5, 4 and 6 - in that order.

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Q: What digit is the whole number 546?
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What is 35 percent of 546 rounding to the nearest whole number?

35% of 546 = 546*35/100 = 191.1 which, rounded to the nearest whole number, is 191

What is the place value of the digit 4 in the number 546?

In 546, the digit 4 is in the tens column, so it has a value of 4 x 10, or 40.

What is the difference between the smallest six-digit whole number and the greatest four-digit whole number?

90001smallest six-digit whole number= 100000greatest four-digit whole number = 9999100000 - 9999 = 90001

What does leading digit mean?

it is the first digit in a number. Like in 586, 5 would be the leading digit. EX:546---5435345324-----4234572893495702834759238475902384759028374590238475902348752983475----2543729088888888888888888888888023984444444444457293488750293857290384572304759823475932847592043752934857239845------------------------------------5

Which is greater a 5 digit whole number or a 6 digit lesser whole number?

Every six-digit number is greater than any five-digit number.

What is the smallest 2 digit whole number?

The smallest 2 digit whole number is 10 The smallest 2 digit odd whole number is 11

If you divide a 4-digit whole number by a 2-digit whole number will the quotient ever be a 4-digit whole number?

No it would be 2-3 digets depending on the number.

If you subtract a 3 digit whole number from a 4 digit whole number. what is the least number of digits the answer could have?

One digit. 1000 - 999

What is the greatest product you can get when multiply a 3 digit whole number by a 2 digit whole number?


What is the least product you can get when you multiply a 3 digit whole number by a 2 digit whole number?


What is the smallest 4 digit whole number?

The smallest four digit whole number is 1000.

What is the lowest four digit whole number?

the lowest four digit whole number, i.e. integer, is -9999