What dimensional defines shape?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What dimensional defines shape?
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Does a three-dimensional define shape?

It normally defines the shape of an object

What defines shapes one dimensional two dimensional or three dimensional?

One dimensional is (probably) a line.Two dimensional is a flat plain figure, showing length x width.Three dimensional is a cubic shape, showing length x width x depth.

Is there such thing as a one dimensional shape?

A 1 dimensional shape is a line.

What is a 2 dimensional figure that can be folded into a 3 dimensional object?

The net of a 2 dimensional shape can be folded into a 3 dimensional shape

What is the difference between a two dimensional shape and a solid shape?

the difference between a two dimensional shape and and a solid is that a two dimensional shape is plane and a solid you can see the whole shape a the inside.

What is the inside of a two dimensional shape called?

The inside of a two-dimensional shape is called its interior.

What is a 200 shape called?

depends on if it is a 2 dimensional shape or 3 dimensional shape. Please be more specific.

What shape can be created by the given net?

A 3 dimensional shape can normally be created from a 2 dimensional net shape of it.

What shape in geometry has 10 sides?

A 2-dimensional shape is a 'DECAGON'. A 3-dimensional shape is a 'DECAHEDRON'.

Does one-dimensional define shape?

yes, the only one-dimensional shape is a line.

What is the purpose of an airfoil?

An airfoil is a 2-dimensional shape that defines when built and inserted in a moving fluid will create a "Lift". The airfoil or wing can be used to turn ships or make an airplane fly.

Does an oval have a three dimensional shape?

An oval is two-dimensional. An ovoid is a three-dimensional shape based on an oval - like an egg,