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Q: What distinguishes the correlation method from experimental?
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What is experimental correlation and natural correlation?

the correlations we observe in the world around us

What factor distinguishes the expermental group from the control group?

The factor that distinguishes the experimental group from the control group is that the experimental group is subjected to the experimental treatment or intervention being studied, while the control group does not receive this treatment and is used as a baseline for comparison.

Which one of the following method serve to measure correlation bw two variable?

cofficient of rank correlation

What distinguishes Isaac Newton from others physicist?

Isaac Newton understood mathematics , theoretical physics and experimental physics.

Which factor distinguishes the experimental group from the contol group?

The experimental group receives the intervention or treatment being studied, while the control group does not receive the intervention and is used as a baseline for comparison.

Which data collection method is not subject to non response bias?

experimental method

What are the advantages and disadvantages of correlation method?

The advantage of the correlational research method is the ability to prove a positive or negative correlation between two subjects . The disadvantage of this is the unclear interpreation of cause and affect. moletsane

What analysis methods cannot be applied to experimental research?

which analysis method cannot be applied to experimental research

What advantage does the experimental method have over non-experimental methods of research?

The experimental method allows researchers to establish cause-and-effect relationships by manipulating variables and controlling for confounding factors. This method provides more control over the research setting, increasing internal validity compared to non-experimental methods.

What is the research method in which the investigator manipulates a variable under carefully controlled conditions?

Experimental Method

Why is the correlational method even considered if the experimental method is the only research method that identifies cause and effect?

While the experimental method is ideal for determining cause and effect, the correlational method is still valuable for studying relationships between variables when it's not feasible or ethical to manipulate them. Correlational studies can provide useful information about associations between variables and generate hypotheses for further experimental research.

What are difference between correlation method and experimental method?

The correlation method examines the relationship between two variables without manipulating them, while the experimental method involves manipulating one variable to observe its effect on another. Correlation does not imply causation, whereas experimental research can establish cause-and-effect relationships. Experimental research allows for greater control over variables compared to correlational studies, making it better suited for establishing causality.