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The answer depends on one side of WHAT! There is no distribution which has a greater number of values on either side of its median.

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Q: What distribution that has a great number of values on one side?
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What percentage is 1.5 standard deviation?

The interval of 1.5 sd either side of the mean contains 87 of the values of a Gaussian distribution. For other distribution the answers will be different.

Will an absolute value be graphed on the positive or negative side of the number line?

Absolute values are always positive; so graph it on the positive side of the number line.

Why are mode median range and mean considered tendency?

Mode is the number that occurs most often in a set of data. It is considered an indication of central tendency, because in normally distributed data, the numbers that occur most often tend to be in the center of the data. Mean is the sum of all values divided by the number of values. It is a measure of central tendency, because it is a way of calculating the average value. Median is the number that has equal number of values on each side of it when the values are ordered, or the mean of the two values that have equal values on either side if the number of values is even. It is also a way of saying what is the central tendency. Range is the largest value minus the smallest value. It is a measure of how closely grouped the data is.

For a normal distribution find the z-scores values that separate the middle 60 percent of the distribution for the 40 percent in the tails?

The standard normal table tells us the area under a normal curve to the left of a number z. The tables usually give only the positive value since one can use symmetry to find the corresponding negative values. The middle 60 percent leaves 20 percent on either side. So we want the z scores that correspond to that 80 percentile which is .804. Therefore the values are are between z scores of -.804 and .804 * * * * * I make it -0.8416 to 0.8416

What is it when the mean absolute deviation is bunched together?

It means that the distribution has a mode (or a common value) which differs from the mean. It could also mean that there are two common values at the same distance on either side of the mean.

Why is a bell curve used?

Bell curves are used because they represent an exactly normal distribution. A normal distribution means that all of the values are centered around a single mean value, with the probability density decreasing equally on either side of the mean. This is the distribution that is most widely used in statistics because it is often found naturally (truly random data follows a normal distribution), and also because it follows from the central limit theorem.

What is symmetric distribution?

It is a probability distribution in which the probability of the random variable being in any interval on one side of the mean (expected value) is the same as for the equivalent interval on the other side of the mean.

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Main bars are placed parellel to shor and distribution along longer side

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Physical distribution is one of the largest arenas of marketing and has been defined as the analysis, planning, and control of activities concerned with the procurement and distribution of goods.

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