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Q: What do Collimators limit the size and shape of?
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What are x ray collimators made of?


How many times can leather be reused?

There is no limit as long as the size and shape can be used for the task at hand.

Do lcd t.v stand have a limit on how much weight they can hold?

This is all dependent upon the type and size of your TV stand. Yes, they have limits, but the limit depends on the size and shape of your TV stand.

How do you find out if something has gone past its elastic limit?

If something has gone past its elastic limit, it will not return to its original shape or size after the deformation force is removed. You can test this by applying force and observing if the material retains its deformed shape. Additionally, the material may show signs of permanent deformation such as cracks or warping.

What is stretched beyond this limit it will not return to its original size?

When a material is stretched beyond its limit, it undergoes plastic deformation and does not return to its original size or shape. This is because the stress applied exceeds the material's yield strength, causing permanent structural changes.

What is the largest size particle that a stream can carry?

The largest size particle that a stream can carry is typically referred to as the stream's competency limit. This limit is reached when the stream's velocity is no longer able to transport a particle of a certain size due to its weight and shape, causing the particle to be deposited on the streambed instead.

What shape is a speed limit sign?

Vertical triangular shape.

What does the Central Limit Theorem say about the traditional sample size that separates a large sample size from a small sample size?

The Central Limit Theorem states that the sampling distribution of the sample means approaches a normal distribution as the sample size gets larger — no matter what the shape of the population distribution. This fact holds especially true for sample sizes over 30.

Delta Air Lines what is the limit size of carry on bag?

limit size of bag

What shape has the most angles?

There is no upper limit to the number of angles you can have.

What is the difference between proportional limit and elastic limit?

Proportionality limit is the point upto which the stress remains directly proportional to strain whereas elastic limit is the point upto which the material remains elastic ie. if the stress is removed within elastic limit, then the material will regain its original shape and size.

How does osmosis and diffusion limit the size of a cell?

diffusion and osmosis limit the size of a cell by how fast is can move