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A mixed number.

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Q: What do you call a whole part and a fraction part?
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What do you call the part of a fraction that reprsents how many parts the whole is divided into?


What can 87.5 be divided into a whole fraction?

There cannot be a whole fraction. If it is a fraction it is not whole and if it is whole it is not a fraction.

What is part of a whole?

a fraction is part of the whole...

Is a part-to-whole ratio a proper fraction or an improper fraction?

Proper fraction is part to whole.

What names a part of a whole is what?

A part of a whole is a fraction.

It is part of a whole?

A fraction is part of a whole number.

Part of a whole in math?

A part of a whole in math is a fraction.

What represents a part of a whole?

Part of a whole is any fraction there of. A half is a part of a whole and so on.

What do you call the sum of a whole number and a fraction?

A mixed fraction.

What do you call a fraction bigger than a whole?

improper fraction

What do you call 1 in fraction?

1 in fraction is a whole number.

What is a Part to whole?

A fraction.