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A regular seven-sided polygon is called a heptagon.

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Q: What do you call plane figures that has 7 sides?
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Name of a 7 plane figures with 4 equal sides in each figure?


What is 2 different polygon shapes have 7 sides?

Polygons are 2D plane figures. All polygons with 7 sides would be classified as heptagons.

What do you call a shape with 7 sides?

A shape with 7 sides is a heptagon

What is the definition of heptagon?

A plane figure with 7 straight sides

Does every equilateral tessellates a plane?

No. An equilateral polygon with 5 or with 7 or more sides will not tessellate a plane.

What do you call a shape that has 7 sides?


What do you call a figure with 7 sides?

A Septagon from the greek Sept meaning 7

What is a 7-letter word for a closed plane figure with 3 or more sides?


What do you call a 7 sided shape with 2 parallel sides?

a heptigon

What has 7 sides that is not a heptagon?

You could take any of the sides of a heptagon and make them into a non linear curve, and that would not be a heptagon. or, three dimensionally, if you cut one of the corners off a cube, that would also have 7 sides, but it would not be a plane figure.

How many faces do a heptagon have?

sevan * * * * * No. A heptagon is a plane figure and so has only one face. It has 7 sides.

How do you solve your math problems dealing with similar figures?

Any two corresponding sides in two similar figures have a common ratio called the scale factor. Since the figures are similar, the ratios of the lengths of corresponding sides of the figures are equal. 1. Match a side of both figures, 2. write the proportions 3. substitute the values 4. Write the cross product 5. Divide both sides by a common factor 6. simplify 7. Convert improper fraction into mixed number